Here's Why You'll Need A Website In 2023

Here's Why You'll Need A Website In 2023

A new year is a chance to revamp your business. Changing your look and targeting your key audience will increase your sales and brand awareness. In the last couple of years it has become more apparent that a website is needed for businesses to succeed in the digital age.

Here’s some reasons why your business is going to need a website in 2023 and years to come.

It Makes You Easier To Find

When people search for your business, or are searching for a business that offers the services they need, they turn to search engines like Google.

Having a Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp account are all great ways for people to find your business, but they don’t always demonstrate all that you have to offer. A website is a part of your own personal brand: it should reflect you and the integrity of your operation.

Your website should also be one of the first things that customers see when they use a search engine to find your business. It should also display your contact information and your location.

Your Business Will Be Perceived As More Trustworthy

Not having a website can be a red flag for some potential customers. To find out about your business, they need to do more detective work, sometimes on multiple aggregate sites like Yelp and Google. Having a website that is easy to use and find clears up any assumptions potential customers have about your business.

Having a website puts your potential customer’s mind at ease. The thought process behind this is a business was able to budget for a website to be built and that they care about their online presence, it shows attention to detail— something we all like to see from a business.

Potential Customers Can Learn About Services They Didn’t Know They Needed

Sometimes customers are looking for one service, but see another that you offer that they think can make their life easier. Understanding how related services lead to more revenue for your business and integrating this into your website is a great way to ensure reoccurring customers.

A good example is a potential customer is looking for a plumber to fix their clogged sink but also sees that this plumber offers tankless water heater services(which are required once a year). Maybe this customer didn’t even know annual maintenance was required! This is a great way to snag add-on services or products.

SEO Is A Great Way To Garner Customers

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to get customers to find out about your business. What this boils down to is your website appearing in relevant searches using key terms and articles catered to the subjects relating to your business.

The easier you are to find online, the more potential customers you are exposed to. This means more business!

How To Get Started

It’s never been easier or harder to build a website. How can both of those be true? Today we have website builders like Wix and Squarespace which are user friendly and easy to host, however they try being everything at once and are thus slow and clunky.

How does being slow hurt business? Google has found that 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load! Our attention spans have never been lower, which means websites need to be fast as possible.

The alternative to using a site builder is learning a programming language like PHP or JavaScript and building from scratch. Lucky for you I’ve spent the last three years doing that so you don’t have to!

Need A Website? I’ve got you covered

My name is Trever Parish, I’m a web developer and designer that focuses on building websites for business owners. I also offer other services such as hosting, writing, and SEO(coming soon).

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